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Added template demo and quick install. The template is implemented with the ability to change the color scheme in the design editor.
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Install template.

Added quick creation of promotions for products based on the "Wholesale price". This function allows you to transfer the “wholesale price” to the “Price” of the product and add the previous price value to the “Old price” item. You can set an action after the end of the promotion, for example, return the “Old price” to “Price”, and remove the “Promotion” mark. This way you can quickly launch promotions for a large number of products.

Added a function for rewriting links to images that are in product descriptions during import. This function allows, when importing products, to compare the path to the downloaded images and the same images specified in the product description. If similar links are found, they will be replaced with the new path obtained after downloading the images.

Added the function of linking the mobile menu to any element (button). This allows you to create a button for calling a mobile menu, without displaying a block at the top of the site.

Added navigation by store categories to the "Slide Menu" Widget.

Added a library of SVG icons to the Mobile menu, as well as the ability to change their color.

Added SVG icons to the Footer Widget, as well as the ability to change their color.

Added payment system with support for: Visa, Mastercard, ApplePay, GooglePay, AliPay, Discover, American Express and others...

Added Store Summary.
The summary contains information about orders with different statuses, a list of the most purchased products, as well as information about availability in the store.

Added an information panel with the results of the latest import.
This page allows you to display the 8 most recent import results. This panel will allow you to see the Product Code and ID, as well as the line where the import process ended. When importing large amounts of data, the page allows you to track the line at which the import was interrupted.

Attention! Server transfer completed. Now the platform is 3 times faster!

If you use our NS servers, then you don’t need to do anything.
If you are using third-party NS servers, replace the "A" entry "" with "".
You can also specify the NS server* without changing the "A" record: NS1.HOTLIST.BIZ NS2.HOTLIST.BIZ
* - it is recommended to use our NS servers.
Cloudfire: If you are using Cloudfire, then replace the DNS records in the domain settings, "" with "".

2024.02.09 Servers will be transferred and IP addresses will be changed. If you use our NS servers, then you don’t need to change anything. If you use third-party NS, you will need to change the “A” record with the IP address. In addition, you can specify our NS in the domain settings: NS1.HOTLIST.BIZ NS2.HOTLIST.BIZ All domain owners with third-party NS will be additionally notified by email.

Added import only for new products. The function allows you to skip updating an existing product.

Added delivery status check for orders with the specified TTN Nova Poshta. The delivery method must be one that has the Nova Poshta API enabled and the API KEY specified.

Added import of products from XML/YML via link.

Added import of products from XML/YML without preliminary conversion.

Added automatic cell matching recognition when importing categories, manufacturers and collections.

Added automatic cell matching recognition when importing products.

Tabs with descriptions in the product card have been replaced. New tabs are implemented entirely in HTML and CSS, without JavaScript.

Added function to replace tabs with a drop-down list (Accordion)