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  • Updates and news of the platform for creating online stores
Added Country of Manufacturer field.

Added Phones button for mobile menu.

Added a widget to create a menu with a choice of search filter. For example, for use on a general search results page that does not have a search filter set. The widget is created on the "My Blocks/Menu" page as a functional menu.

Added HTML widget "Offers Mosaic". Block displaying "Product name", "Short description" and "Show more" button.

Added option to display products of child categories. The option can be specified both for the entire site and for individual categories.

Added option for search filter. You can search for products in the child categories of the main heading.

Updated the layout of the main blocks.
Instead of tables, Grid layout is now used.
Grid layout is a CSS grid that allows you to more easily and consistently create complex responsive web design grid layouts across different browsers.
If you find errors in your design, please contact via the feedback form -
Attention! Renamed #hotengine-content_all element to #hotengine-content-container. All styles and blocks/menus have been updated, but if you use styles or scripts as separate files, then you need to rename the reference to the ID with this name.

Added HTML widget with comments/reviews.
The widget is implemented using JavaScript, which loads reviews from the specified page in JSON format.
The widget automatically loads the next comment when the end of the list is reached.

Added import/export of comments.

Added import/export of product reviews.

Google Universal Analytics will no longer process data from July 2023. Google Analytics Universal events will be permanently disabled soon. All events have been moved to Google Analytics 4.

Added two additional options when importing products.
1.Do not import the product without category.
2.Do not import goods without photos.

Added own notification to the buyer about the payment. You can enable the message in the settings of payment systems. You can edit your message in the Email Template Catalog.

Added an option to hide certain payment methods when choosing a shipping method. A similar dependency has been added to hide shipping methods when changing payment methods.

Added XML unloading of goods for the Epicenter shopping center -

“Slide menu widget” is a block with a button that allows you to create a pop -up/extending window, with points and subparagraphs. The widget can be used as the main menu or as an auxiliary. To accommodate the widget, use the code {HOTENGINE-SC:slide_menu_widget}. Attention! For a mobile menu, use another designer - a mobile menu: an application, with greater flexibility.

Added the function of translating search filters and product characteristics. To simplify site management and speed up the process of import/export of goods, you can translate feature values by adding text values to them in other languages, without having to create an additional product type.

You can add automatic descriptions to product cards, in a separate block, specifying the placement, as well as the display method (in the form of plain text or using an Ajax request, if there is no need for such text to be indexed by search engines). The insertion of automatic descriptions will occur depending on the “Product Features” or its “Category”. As descriptions will be used "Short" or "Full descriptions" from the "Catalog of Articles". "Articles", as well as "Types of goods" and their "characteristics" must first be created.

Added automatic currency replacement when changing the site language.

A line - Video - has been added to the product card. The field will be available for use in the ShortCode, added to the data, as well as to the Micromarkup, for subsequent use of the video in the product card or product list.